Saturday, February 23, 2013

Back to the Books!

Doesn´t this picture say it all? 
This is our dog, Toro and my second son Andrew. Andrew was teaching Toro in school. 

Yes, I gotta get back to the books. I gotta get back to what works for me. More exercise, less carbs! This Thursday, I got a stomach virus that derailed me a little. Doing only 20 minutes each day of fast walking, stairs, sit ups and stretching. This sounds like a good workout, but truly not enough for my body to tone and drop some extra pounds. 

Ladies, I have read this in the books, I have experimented it, I have lived it! You must burn what you consume or you don´t lose weight. You must tone muscle or your metabolism does not rise. You must cut back on excess sugars and carbohydrates or they stay on as fat! These are the facts I have learned but, have got to stick to. 

We have 6 days left in the first part of our Springing-in 2 Shape challenge. We will end on Friday the 1st of March with one winner for the first 30 days. Then those who want to continue on or any new members start right back at it on the 2nd. 

To be in the running for the first place prize, Please post a total of points, weight loss, volume loss and exercise, with a Picture,  by 12:00 am Friday night. I will post the winner Saturday the 2nd while we all keep on springing for  the second half. This post will count for your 10 point start up as well, if you will be continuing on. 

We will reset all our points to 0 on the 2nd of March. This will allow more ladies to join us if they would like. 
Please, announce it to your friends. 

Please pray for each other and keep springing. Consistency is key!

Dani Joy

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