Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never Miss a Meal

Many people do drastic diets without even eating and see no results. Do you know why?

 Every time a person starts a low calorie diet, our " genetic memory" goes into action and the situation is interpreted by the body as a " time of famine".  A "protection"mechanism comes into play, and the body responds in the face of this situation with defensive action; It begins to save energy.

 The body does this in two ways:

Decreases the Metabolism:  Each time it needs less energy to survive and perform its vital functions.

 It has better efficiency  in getting reserved energy and protecting it, as in accumulating fat and also avoids using reserved adipose (fatty) tissue.

 As a consequence of this defense mechanism, the body begins to accumulate fat, and for as much as we exercise, it will resist consuming the fat for its energy. The less calories ingested, the higher the "protection" mechanism will be.  This metabolic response, explains why people who are following low calorie diets plateau not being able to lose anymore weight or often times gain weight even though they are eating very little.

Translated from Sport Life magazine

This is why I never miss a meal.
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