Saturday, April 27, 2013

Winners, Running, and Look out Summer Here we Come!

The Spring-in 2 Shape Challenge ended April 1, with two winners of the Amazon gift card!

Sharon Livingston - She did both 30 day challenges with a total 189 overall points and 9 pounds lost! 
She is an active mommy of three very young boys!   Way to go Sharon! 

Hannah Hill - won the second 30 day challenge with a total of 148 points- She is 29 pounds down... 14 inches @ the waist & 10 inches @ the hips... she has been working @ this for 14 weeks now... 

A big shout out to these two very brave ladies! God will bless your discipline and hard work! Keep on for His glory.

In our fitness journey for life, sometimes we get a little sidetracked and waylaid. This has happened to me recently. Even though, I never stopped exercising totally, I let a lot slide. I started eating a little more and before I knew it I had gained back 10lbs!

 It has been almost 3 years since I got the 40 pounds off . I have worked too hard to have it come back on! I refuse to let it! God help me to stay disciplined and strong. 

Running is not my thing, but it has become my thing. It is the only way to really truly lose the belly fat and inches in the lower end. 

Today, I hit a personal record. Thanks to a friend who runs very well,  we ran an 1 hour and 10 minutes! I just had to share our trek! I kept saying, 

"My help comes from the Lord," every uphill climb. 

The blue graph is the hills we climbed! 

Of course, this is not my first run. Please, be sure to work your way up to such a run. I have heard that the Couch to 5K is a great program to get running. Also, I use to track all my miles. A friend of ours uses Nike +.  

Most importantly, don´t forget to stretch and drink lots of water.

It is still really cold here, but look out summer here we come! Stay posted for our up-coming Sweatin´ Off the  Fat  summer fitness challenge.  I hope to start it  the second week of May! 

Do all for the glory of God! 

Staying fit for life, 
Dani Joy

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