Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fitness Video Feature and an Announcement

What an incredible opportunity to be featured in Fringe Girl´s first ever T2 Video conference over at The Domestic Fringe

Here is what Fringe Girl said about it. After all, she just has a way with words.

t2 video #1 – heath & fitness

Please Note:  This is the very first time Dani and I spoke “in person”.  This is also the very first video I created, so it’s a little quirky.
For instance, I look at the ceiling all the time and when I’m not looking at the ceiling, I look like I am in terrible pain.  That’s my I’mfreakingoutontheinside face.  I’m absolutely not in any pain whatsoever, nor am I constipated.
My voice is also terribly scratchy and crackly.  That’s from many years of using steroid inhalers for my asthma.  Sorry.  I warned you I am not a speaker.
Dani was awesome though.  She’s a natural at video.  Maybe she’ll make her own exercise video one day

It is definitely the other way around. It is very difficult for me to watch myself, almost down right painful. However, I know Tricia has an incredible vision to do many more videos on many different topics to help and encourage ladies. She is a true encourager, and has encouraged me by stepping out of her comfort zone to do these conference calls. Click HERE to read more about her T2 videos

The video is a bit long, so if you already know me or are not really interested in my background, skip to minute 7:00. That´s where we talk about health and fitness. Get ready to Be Strong!

 .... oh and don´t miss the announcement is at the bottom of this post.

Our fifth Christmas Crunch Challenge will begin in just under a month! We are praying about some changes to make it even easier to keep track of points, and asking some key ladies to help in the leadership and encouragement.

Please, be thinking and praying about joining in on this fitness journey for life!

Be Strong in Jesus,
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