Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting to the Root of the Matter (Part 1)

OH MY! Do you see that lady in the first picture?  That lady was happy and content.  She didn't really see in the mirror what she sees now in this picture.  Now, do you see the lady in the second picture? That is me! The same lady, but with a whole new outlook on my body and how I use it and need it to serve the Lord.
That first picture was taken at my heaviest.  At the time, sure, I had a few issues with myself, but I excused them away. I had been married for 13 years and had given birth to 4 children.  I didn't really think anything else but that body was possible for me.  So, how did I get to the person in the second picture who has now passed that dress on because it looked like a big old potato sack? With guidance, strength, and encouragement from the Lord and His unexpected blessings on my life!

New Year's rolled around and my husband who has always struggled with weight was ready to once again make that same old resolution that everyone makes--Let's lose some weight this year! Honestly, it wasn't really my goal.  It was his, but I knew that in order to help him be successful, I was going to have to do it with him. We struggled through that first month of January.  Then in February we took the all-natural route.  After all the Bible talks 29 times about the root and encourages that we go to the root of the problem, so we decided to go to the root--look at our body as a whole and find the root of our problem. 

1. Controlling sugar levels 
Our bodies naturally have sugar levels going up and down all throughout the day.  This causes us to crave sugary foods and have those crashing times of drowsiness and sluggishness.  Everyone, not just diabetics, needs to figure out a way to level blood sugars throughout the day.  Once we can get our blood sugars leveled, our appetite will naturally decrease, and we won't have those cravings for sugar. 

Leveling our blood sugars changed the way we were eating.  Not because we were on a diet and had "forbidden" foods, but because our cravings had changed.  We just didn't want those things anymore. Praise the Lord! We weren't/aren't on a diet.  We just eat smarter and make better decisions.  My go to foods are raw fruits and veggies.  As Dani encourages, we had a healthy eating plan.  Diets are awful.  To me they said "FAILURE" because they were just asking too much. I was/am a Dr. Pepper addict.  I haven't even had one since February! That is amazing! Seriously, if you only knew how many I would drink a day.  I'm not even going to admit to that number!  Now I drink only water and TONS of it-easily.  

2. Toxins
Toxins are soooooooo bad for us.  Did you know that when you have toxins in your body, your body will hold on to your fat for protection?  YES! Your body is protecting you by keeping your fat! Get rid of those toxins and your body will get rid of your fat.  In a later post I will talk more about toxins and what they do to us and how we can detox in many ways.

Getting rid of toxins has given us so much more energy that we didn't even realize was being sucked out of us before.  I have gone from very little exercise to it being a normal part of just who I am.  My kids think something is wrong when I miss a day.  I can't believe that woman is me!  My husband has gone from coming home from the church, watching television, and falling asleep on the couch to coming home, playing with the kids, doing some yard work, and biking several miles several time a week.  Our television rarely comes on anymore.  That is awesome!!

3. Test and get rid of candida yeast 
 Candida yeast is something many adults have and don't even realize it.  Candida yeast
 is a nasty little booger that can do so many things to your body including preventing
weight loss.  Read about it HERE.
Then test yourself for it using these instructions:

If you test positive, you need to start on a good probiotic right away. All of your hard work could be in vain, if you don't combat this.

4. Boost metabolism
We decided to face the music that we weren't  spring chickens anymore.  Even my insurance cost had increased because of my age.  I guess 35 is the new middle aged. :/ (I am 36 now.)  Natural caffeines can boost your metabolism.   Boosting our metabolism has helped us to burn more fat.  

So, by going to the root of our weight problems we are seeing great results, and our lifestyle has completely changed.  We are NOT the same people we were before.  Usually by this time of year, I am wishing that we had actually done something about our weight.  I am looking at those clothes pushed way back in my closet and dreaming of getting back into them again one day.  The Lord led us to the all-natural route.  It has worked.  I am no longer dreaming of getting into those clothes; I got into them and had to pass them onto others because they are now too big! Yes! I still can't believe it! I still take a double take in the mirror sometimes.  I still get excited when I go to the store and get to buy the smallest size they carry.  I have gone from a 10/12 to a size 2/4 in 8 months.  It has been an amazing journey.  Between my husband and I, we have lost over 100lbs this year.  If you had told me a year ago that I would lose this weight, be healthy, be strong, and be writing on a fitness blog, I would have laughed hysterically! It would have seemed so unattainable. ALL things ARE possible with the Lord's guidance, strength, and encouragement. We are so blessed! We are taking care of our temples for The Lord!

In my next post, I will talk more about what we are using to level our blood sugars, detox, treat candida, and boost our metabolism.

So excited to be doing this crunch with you.  I need this one! Maintaining is difficult, and I would like to lose a few more pounds. I am a shorty, so a few more would be good.  It is so hard at this point. I need your encouragement and motivation to help me continue pressing toward the mark.

Keeping my temple healthy for the Lord,
Rachel Smith

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