Sunday, November 3, 2013


I feel the least candidate to be writing a post this week, but I must be honest. It has not been a good week for food choices. I allowed myself to lose my HEP (healthy eating plan) three days in a row over a bite of homeade junk food. I succumbed not only on Thursday for my free day, but also each day following. I had to have it! I just couldn't pass on that little bitty bite.

I made brownies, pumpkin cheesecake bars and sugary applesauce for a party. Everyone had a lot, and I think I needed to just get it out of my system. I believe with all my heart that if you restrict yourself from certain foods this is what you will crave. I had to do it. I had to tell myself it was ok to have these foods in moderation.

Thankfully, in this challenge, we implemented the negative point for any portion of food over our HEP. It has kept me from binging. This is the positive side. We must realize that even if we let down on our HEP, if we keep everything in moderation, it won't get the best of us! 

I have been doing a lot of reading, trying to figure out why what worked for me before is not working as well now. I believe it has to do with my metabolism and my age....  maybe it also has to do with my not being as strict on myself as I was.... maybe my body is use to the exercise routine.

I listened to a fitness pod cast last night, that mentioned "winning small". Now this is her own term but I have used a very similar term for getting started on your fitness journey, "Baby steps" Maybe we can't change everything all at once, but we can chose one thing and change that.

For example, I have been eating very well and exercising, but still not losing. I will cut back on my supper, only eating protein this week. Then I will increase my workouts to two times a day if possible.

Maybe, for you, it is just getting out to walk 20 minutes. This is a great goal. Maybe you can add in, eating whole wheat instead of with processed flour.  Whatever your baby step, master it. Don't move on until you do. Then add on another baby step.

We have two more weeks in this second phase. We will be giving a prize at the end of this week. We will chose a different criteria this time of those who are still posting and participating. Then next week, we will be giving another prize for weight loss in this second phase. Then that leads us up to the last week, in which the lady with the most overall points wins a gift certificate. Let's keep crunching, Ladies!

Remember that everything we do should be to God's glory.

Crunching with ya,

Dani Joy
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