Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crunch In - Nan, Day Two

O.k., I think this post qualifies as a crunch in. Love that name, by the way. Makes me think of crunchy Butterfinger candy bars. Not that I'm thinking of candy bars or anything.....I wouldn't dream of it.

I woke to discover I had gained a half a pound. Gained? Seriously? How rude! Apparently my weight doesn't read this blog. Bummer.

My food choices were pretty good I think, sort of. I did have a couple of little tootsie rolls. However, I plan on allowing myself 100 "treat" calories a day, just so I don't feel deprived. I read that somewhere.

Oh, and that's 100 calorie treats, I mean. Not 100 treats a day. I think I'd make myself sick if I ate that much!

I rushed home after being gone most of the day, got dinner out of the fridge (leftovers), got most of my family out the door, and then promptly forgot that I exercise now!

I really, totally forgot! I had thought about it earlier, and knew it would be hard to squeeze in, but figured I could, and then forgot. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


Mary said...

Hi Nan,

I think its easy to forget until the routine is established, then it will come naturally...I hope! if we miss a day of exercising or make bad food choices, we just start the next day, and go on. We will all have those days, so hang in!

God bless,

Dani Joy said...

You are too much.. you need to put this under humor too!! hahhaha!!

100 treats!! wooo hooo!!

Girl, You are doing great! just gained prob. half a pound of water. jejeje

Dani Joy

Beth in NC said...

Nan! You precious thing! I knew that must have been you when I saw your sense of humor flying off of the page! Yay. You skinny thing. What are you doing in this challenge? :o)

Love you! Oh wow, a candy bar sounds good.