Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crunch In - Susan S. (day 2)

Greetings fellow lady "crunch-ers". :-)

had a good start to the day - After I got up, read my Bible, did my 20 min. exercise and had a good breakfast. Felt great. Later on fit in a 20 min. walk coming back from my physical therapist lady.

Had my co-workers over for lunch for our weekly prayer and planning time. Since it is so hot here (we are still in Spring, but it was already up in the 90's today - no air conditioning!) I decided on a couple of big salads to go w/ the beef/onion wok dish I made. Also a jello dessert. Great for healthy left overs too!

When I went visiting, I did have part of an "Alfajor" sandwich type of cookie w/ the "Mate" (ma-tae) tea that they drink here. Also a walnut covered sweet that my hosts had brought back from their recent family trip. Ups and downs, but trying to keep it all in perspective. Need to make sure that I don't offend the folks here and try to make my diet more important than local etiquette.

Remember to take time w/ the Lord and renewing the "inside" and keeping that healthy too.

Blessings to you all,
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