Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crunch In - Nan, Day Two

O.k., I think this post qualifies as a crunch in. Love that name, by the way. Makes me think of crunchy Butterfinger candy bars. Not that I'm thinking of candy bars or anything.....I wouldn't dream of it.

I woke to discover I had gained a half a pound. Gained? Seriously? How rude! Apparently my weight doesn't read this blog. Bummer.

My food choices were pretty good I think, sort of. I did have a couple of little tootsie rolls. However, I plan on allowing myself 100 "treat" calories a day, just so I don't feel deprived. I read that somewhere.

Oh, and that's 100 calorie treats, I mean. Not 100 treats a day. I think I'd make myself sick if I ate that much!

I rushed home after being gone most of the day, got dinner out of the fridge (leftovers), got most of my family out the door, and then promptly forgot that I exercise now!

I really, totally forgot! I had thought about it earlier, and knew it would be hard to squeeze in, but figured I could, and then forgot. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!
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