Friday, October 30, 2009

Crunch In....

Well, today was good. I got in 20 minutes on the bike, and a 10 minute pilates to add to my extra 10 minutes from yesterday. Yeah!!! Two Points for exercise.

As for the eating.... I am eating like a diabetic. The idea is that you eat small amounts six times a day, about 2 hours apart. You even get a bedtime snack, and I find that I lose more if I eat it:) You eat certain combinations of food that burn up each other. This is what I lost the weight on last January, and after my second baby-30lbs that has stayed off. It is the most manageable for me because I LIKE TO EAT and the weight stays off. I could eat this way the rest of my life. You can basically have anything you want, if you eat it in the right combination; though I try to keep the fat as low as possible, with lots of fruits and veggies. Sounds complicated, but once you learn it's easy. I have the metabolism of a ROCK, and this seems to get me rolling. Hopefully it will help me again.

Since it's all ladies here... the girl problem did arrive, and that has given me the sweet craving that I spoke about yesterday. Does anybody else crave sweets during that time. Tonight, I had a baked apple with very minimal brown sugar as my bedtime snack with a glass of skim milk. It was very satisfying , and reminded me of an apple pie:) without all the sugar and fat.
My bedtime snack consists of a fruit, fat-free milk, and a carb. This is the combination that your body burns up at night.

Let's keep it up! The Lord can help us. I must look to Him for strength, cause I am weak on my own. Happy Crunchin'!


Beth in NC said...

I can tell you, when I cut out preprocessed foods I quit craving sugar. Those preprocessed sugars make you crave MORE. When I started doing the Weight Watcher Core Plan (June 2008) I was so surprised that I wasn't hungry anymore.

Now, I've allowed chocolate back into my life and I can sure tell the difference.

Susan said...

Keep up the good work! Yes, I have been having a visit from my "monthly friend" this week too. It has been hard as I have been craving everything in sight - esp. sweet things and caffeinated things (ie. coffee).

I haven't done the best in resisting, but have been trying to eat good healthy things at meal times. Little by little I guess! This month was harder than last, but I've heard that every month your ovaries switch. I guess the one that was working this month was kinda cranky! :-)

Sounds like you are still doing good w/ some of your health choices. the baked apple sounds really good. Maybe will need to put that on my menu soon....

Remember all in the Lord's strength! Praying for you today!

Dani Joy said...

Hey great cruchin´, Kristy!!!
I totally eat little meals now too. It has totally made eating so much easier for me. I feel like I eat like a diabetic too. It helps me to think like that. what if I had that disease???

Well, girl I totally crave chocolate every once a month! Have to get the sugar free kind. usually has a sugar alcohol.. I just looked it up on the internet.. it´s Maltitol. read it´s not the best but well, it has worked for me.. gonna do a post on it. jeje
this sugar free choc. with almonds has gotten me through 10 months of my fitness journey. I am a horrible snacker. I eat almonds and raisins when the urge comes up. with a little chocolate (sugar free of course.)

oooo,,, I just wrote ya a post. maybe I will post my comment. hahaha

Love crunching it with you! gReat involvement!

Dani Joy