Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm feeling it now...

Hi, I decided to try a routine that I haven't done in a long time, because it is so hard for me. It is called Full Circuit, and is one of the DVD's that I recommended in a tip recently. On the cover it says that you can lose over 3 times as much fat by combining strength training with aerobic exercise. Well, I decided that this must be the one for me. The routine lasts for 45 minutes, and I decided to try to do it all. I made it all the way through, except where you are supposed to do small dips like pushups - guys style, and I was only able to do 8 of 12. Well, I guess that is why I need strength training. I was covered in sweat when I got done, and some of the leg weight parts were really difficult for me. (Good thing I waited to take my shower until after exercise.) I was grunting like a grandma through that part. I think my son wondered what had happened to me. Now that it has been several hours since I exercised, I still feel some tightness in my calf muscles.

By the way, it calls for light weights and a heavy weight - not to exceed 8 lb. I used only my light weights (1 kg. each), and if I want to go heavier, I will have to buy a heavier set, as I only own light ones for now. This routine should only be done 2 or 3 times a week, so I will get a break tomorrow! I was really proud of myself though that I made it through.

I've been careful about my intake today as well. Even though we had company this afternoon, I had only a cup of tea, without any sugar. I don't really like tea anyway, so I usually use sugar to make it more palatable.

Last week, I had reached the end of the line when a neighbor excitedly asked me if I am expecting, and I had to admit that I am not, just looking fat lately. Hopefully soon, that won't even be a question.

Keep going everyone! We can do it!

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