Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kick Off - Joy

Ok, I´m a little late getting started, but hope I´ve finally got this information right. I am a missionary wife living in Spain, and serving the Lord here for the past 27 years.
I´ve had a weight problem since I was 11 years old. I´m a cancer survivor (of 24 years) and I understand the importance of nutrition in our diet first-hand. But exercise is just something I´ve struggled with over the years and have never really gotten serious about.
My husband was away on a trip for 28 days in Sept., and while he was gone, I decided to surprise him with a skinnier wife. To do this, I began to exercise and was able to knock off 2 kilos, which was one BIG accomplishment.
I´ve joined the Christmas Crunch, because even though I´m not a regular dieter, and I´m not loosing any more weight, I´ve continued to exercise and my health has improved and I´ve dropped inches, which is always such an amazing feeling!

My weight - 71.5 kilos

Bust - 107 cent.

Waist - 87 cent.

Hips - 111 cent.

My goal for the Crunch is to loose 2 more kilos and loose whatever more centimeters would like to abandon this bod. I am 50 years old and so grateful to God for every single day that He has given me to live for Him.


momstheword said...

I am 51, and it seems like once I hit my 40's it was alot harder to keep the weight off. My old habits were catching up with me!

I think this accountability is a great idea!

~ Nan

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Hi Joy, isn't this fun? I feel like I am at a pajama party and the lights are out so you can't see everyone but can hear everyone talking! Welcome aboard! love Anita Beiles

Dani Joy said...

I am so glad you made it, Hmna Joy! I am so happy that you are working with us all!

You are doing great adding in the exercise. Little by little your body will respond. It´s amazing when you step back and realize what you are actually doing.

Love Anita´s analogy about a slubmer party.

Crunchin´it with you,
Dani Joy

Madridmom said...

Great to have you join us, Joy. Let's hope there's a lot less of us by Christmas!
Alice Dysert

Ketty said...

Hey girl, I was wondering if you were going to show up one day. I´m glad you are here with us. I am sure you´ll do great, specially with all of our support. It´s been great for me reading everybody´s testimony here.


Mary said...

Praise God that you are healed of cancer! You probably know more than any of us the importance of a good diet, and I'm looking forward to your suggestions and tips. I've read of different cancer diets because of my BIL's cancer...prevention is the key. And exercise is so benficial as well. So glad you're here...we'll all help each other!

God bless,