Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kick Off - Joy

Ok, I´m a little late getting started, but hope I´ve finally got this information right. I am a missionary wife living in Spain, and serving the Lord here for the past 27 years.
I´ve had a weight problem since I was 11 years old. I´m a cancer survivor (of 24 years) and I understand the importance of nutrition in our diet first-hand. But exercise is just something I´ve struggled with over the years and have never really gotten serious about.
My husband was away on a trip for 28 days in Sept., and while he was gone, I decided to surprise him with a skinnier wife. To do this, I began to exercise and was able to knock off 2 kilos, which was one BIG accomplishment.
I´ve joined the Christmas Crunch, because even though I´m not a regular dieter, and I´m not loosing any more weight, I´ve continued to exercise and my health has improved and I´ve dropped inches, which is always such an amazing feeling!

My weight - 71.5 kilos

Bust - 107 cent.

Waist - 87 cent.

Hips - 111 cent.

My goal for the Crunch is to loose 2 more kilos and loose whatever more centimeters would like to abandon this bod. I am 50 years old and so grateful to God for every single day that He has given me to live for Him.
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