Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new day

Good morning all,

Since I am way over here in Siberia, it means I am quite a few time zones ahead of everyone else. It is 3:30 in the afternoon Thursday here already. Yesterday I ended the day a bit discouraged, because I was gone all day doing our weekly errands and shopping. The eating part went fine, but it took me all evening to figure out how to post, so I missed doing any exercise. I decided this morning, that today was going to be better, and so far it has been.

I have enlisted the help of my kids. They are big encouragers, and yours probably will be too, if you ask them to help. My son got my aerobics DVD all set up for me, my aerobic step, and he did the routine with me. After we had exercised 20 minutes, he said, "Mom, you've already earned 1 point!" So sweet. I ended up and did 60 minutes of exercise. I ate a healthy lunch, and am sitting down now to check school papers.

I notice that many of you are missionaries, serving away from your home countries. Do any of you face special challenges because of your location, especially in the area of exercise and dieting? It is already cold here - this morning was 4 F. That is too cold for me to take a walk, but I am thankful I do have my exercise DVD's, my strider machine, and my light weights. My grocery shopping is also a challenge, and I started thinking yesterday that possibly this is part of what has caused my weight gain. Milk products here are "low fat" at 2.5%. We cannot find lower fat content than that. There aren't any artificially sweetened products, or whole grain products. But I am thankful that the Lord has given us a house with a garden, and we are able to grow almost all of our vegetables for our year round consumption in it.



Dani Joy said...

Good Morning Tami!

Oh girl! I totally relate. I am so sorry that the posting thing is such problem. It has sort of consumed my waking and sleep hours. jeje.. Let´s just say I have lost some sleep over this but in a good way. I am working back into my routine though because Sleep is of the essence when it comes to weight loss.

I am sorry you can´t get whole wheat products and low fat dairy. that does make it hard. Are there any natural stores?

I need to look you up... do you have a web page? a blog?

This challenge got grander than I imagined and I am a little over the top with it, responding to everyone. I want to be there for everyone. ;) but I know I can´t be. so you all are in God´s hands! ;)

How cute about your children getting in on this too! What a blessing!

Let´s crunch it for Life!
Dani Joy

Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Tami, hi, Anita here, missionary in Spain. Can you get powdered milk? We have 2% and we actually use that as coffee creamer or for tea. In a pinch, I have it on hand for cereal milk.

As for artificial sweeteners, don't miss them! I had bladder cancer and one of the first things they say to cut out is artificial sweeteners.

I started on this blog-journey on Saturday and it took me until Wednesday to get it down...although I still have to do five steps to get to the blog-post section.

Sounds like you have the exercise thing down in the house. Do you have stairs or a place where you can go to run up and down several times?

I'll be praying for you! Sounds like you have started well! Anita

Susan said...

Great to hear from another missionary lady. I am serving in Argentina, and they have just started having some "health food stores" the last few years.

I am a little "leary" of artificial sweeteners too, but am learning how to scale down and use honey. Also, I have now gotten to the point of not needing to add anything sweet if I have a non-caffeinated tea or coffee. Not sure if that is available there, as it is again just starting to come out here, and hard to find at that.

Will be praying for you to be creative in your health journey. thankful that you can have your own garden! May God open up your eyes to healthy options for you and your family - esp. going into winter there.