Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fitness DVD's

Hi Ladies,

I want to share a few exercise DVD's that have been a tremendous help to me. If you are looking for a great routine, with conservative music, then look no more. Linda Haught is a wonderful Christian lady, who is very focused on fitness. She has a number of DVD's out, set to classical music played on a synthesizer. She has one DVD with 3 routines - 2 featuring regular aerobic exercises, and 1 utilizes step aerobics. Another DVD is called Full Circuit Aerobics, which features strength training with light weights, along with an aerobic routine. She has another one for children called Fitness Club. Our children have done this one many times, and I often do it along with them. These DVD's can be purchased through BJU Press. Here is a link to one of them below. You can also do a search for "Linda Haught DVD's."

Enjoy your exercise routine accompanied by refreshing music.

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