Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new day

Good morning all,

Since I am way over here in Siberia, it means I am quite a few time zones ahead of everyone else. It is 3:30 in the afternoon Thursday here already. Yesterday I ended the day a bit discouraged, because I was gone all day doing our weekly errands and shopping. The eating part went fine, but it took me all evening to figure out how to post, so I missed doing any exercise. I decided this morning, that today was going to be better, and so far it has been.

I have enlisted the help of my kids. They are big encouragers, and yours probably will be too, if you ask them to help. My son got my aerobics DVD all set up for me, my aerobic step, and he did the routine with me. After we had exercised 20 minutes, he said, "Mom, you've already earned 1 point!" So sweet. I ended up and did 60 minutes of exercise. I ate a healthy lunch, and am sitting down now to check school papers.

I notice that many of you are missionaries, serving away from your home countries. Do any of you face special challenges because of your location, especially in the area of exercise and dieting? It is already cold here - this morning was 4 F. That is too cold for me to take a walk, but I am thankful I do have my exercise DVD's, my strider machine, and my light weights. My grocery shopping is also a challenge, and I started thinking yesterday that possibly this is part of what has caused my weight gain. Milk products here are "low fat" at 2.5%. We cannot find lower fat content than that. There aren't any artificially sweetened products, or whole grain products. But I am thankful that the Lord has given us a house with a garden, and we are able to grow almost all of our vegetables for our year round consumption in it.

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