Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 2 - Kathy

Morning Girls!

Don't know how you all got on, but yesterday was amazingly easy for me. I must admit I forgot breakfast, literally. I put my oatmeal in to soak and set a portion of blueberries and raspberries out to defrost, then got so busy doing stuff, getting ready for the day, exercising 10 mins on the bike, that when I went back into the kitchen to pick up my lunch and head to the office my breakfast was still sitting there!!! I normally don't eat breakfast, just a glass of milk and 1/2 a handful of meds. I know it's the 1st rule of successful dieting so it's a habit I'll have to get into. Anyway, I ate it this morning and it tasted good :o)

Breakfast may have been a disaster but lunch wasn't. I made my fellow co-workers jealous with this lunch. YUM!

Here are my companions for the Crunch, not yet able to call them my friends.

Today I woke up with a headache and it hasn't yet disappeared (12:15) but that's just lack of sugar. I've reduced my morning tea from 1 tsp of honey to 1/2, and next week I aim to cut it out all together. Last night at small group there were (as always) candies to nibble. For 2 1/2 hours they were within arms reach and I didn't take one! Hurray me :D

Straight after work today I'm off to my Pilates class, our teacher is soo funny (she's not German!) so it's even harder to keep your tummy pulled in and your shoulders down when we're all laughing.

Just a funny aside, when I went to the store this morning to pick up more fruit and water I was served by Mrs Mustard!!!!! (Frau Senf) what a cute name.


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