Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blackmail Video - Former Fat Lady, Nina

I just had to do a video after seeing Dani Joy's high stepping stomach crunches. I've teased her about being a show off, but I think we all know what a blessing she's been! Such a cheerleader!! And we are all very thankful for this Challenge.

I'll use the same disclaimer as Dani Joy.... don't judge my house! This is our game room/school room/coat closet/laundry room/mom's office.....It has everything in it that I don't want in the rest of my house.

Oh..and my exercise clothes are for your eyes only please. Ladies only blog, Praise the Lord!

If this video will encourage you and at the same time give you cause to laugh....then I've accomplished my goal.

So here I am being my usual spazy self.

Keep Crunchin' has some free workout videos. One of which is this simple beginners walking at home video with Leslie Sansone.


Dani Joy said...

Oh Nina!! this is why I love you so much!! You are more of a nerd than me!!

Not!! jejeje

You are so fun!!! I am so glad you are liking Real Age. My Mom got me on it. Mary is doing the walking videos too.

I still have to work out tonight and my food is coming back up. What do I do???? grrrrr!!!

Ok.. the Video war is on! you asked for it. I will fill myself doing ... hmmm.. well, You will just have to wait and see.

Big crunchin Hug,
Dani Joy

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

So funny... I love it!

Gotta get up and do my exercise tonight. No time yet today:) I was thinkin' about skipping it, but no way!

Beth in NC said...

LOL. That is too cute! My video is not nearly as cute. I was freezing and suffering in mine. lol

The funniest part is when you closed the door on the intruder! Ha.

Thanks for sharing!

Tricia said...

SO funny! That was great.

Thanks for the motivational video. I'm off to exercise now. Thank God nobody's filming me!

Becka said...

YOU SO SKINNY !!!!!!!!!!!

Becka said...

YOU SO SKINNY !!!!!!!!!!!

The Herd said...

You are hilarious!!! It's so fun to follow your blog and your humor and this is even better!!