Saturday, November 7, 2009

crunch in

I took some pictures to show you what I ate today, but I guess I'll
upload them tomorrow and give you a recipe. We had pancakes to order
for breakfast (it's become a family tradition on Saturday morning).
For lunch I made chicken broccoli mushroom bake (heavy on the
broccoli as my friend Joy suggested. For my "merienda" (afternoon
snack) I had my kephir with sugar free strawberry jam and I ate
fruit, bread and cheese for supper. I did eat more today than when I
am at work, but it was all good (; My calorie count was acceptable,
but not for losing much weight. BUT, I exercise for way over an hour.
I went walking with my husband in the morning, went bike riding in
the wind in the afternoon with the whole family and tonight I did
level 1 and went on to level two of my workout video. So, in the end
the day was not bad. I'm going to bed and relax for a while before
going to sleep. Good night. May the Lord bless you in His day.
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