Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Measurements Wk 2

I am really trying not to get discouraged about my weight. It isn't moving and as a matter of fact, I am up a pound this morning. I think I am retaining fluid due to my TOM is almost here, but still ... sigh.


People think I look like I'm losing weight. That's good.

My waist has actually gone down 1/2 an inch to a 36 1/2 now.

I'm exercising every day, so changes WILL come.

I wasn't sure what type of picture I needed to post -- but here is one I took last
night before we went out. I'm sorry this one is blurry. I must have been moving.

Upclose and personal. Sigh. That chest! I pray it shrinks someday (as well as my belly!). That is a minimizer bra too my friends. Scream!

My little family.

Changes will come! I know it. I appreciate the accountability to keep working out daily. Thanks Ladies.


Dani Joy said...

You will see changes! We are just beginning. I know it feels like you have been at it a long time but look how far you have come! You are 100% healthier than you were! CAn you believe the stress you were putting on your knees.

Right now, just focus one week at a time. You probably will only see about a lb a week come off. I am not seeing much movement either. I am going to really crunch it to Thanksgiving though., Wanna join me?

Crunchin it!!
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

You are doing so well. I looked at your photo journal of how far you've come already. Keep it up, and you can send your chest to me and Dani!


Shane and Kristy Davis said...

You are lookin' great... we just gotta stay with it.

Sarah K said...

You look great! Way to stick with it!