Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Measurements Wk 2

I am really trying not to get discouraged about my weight. It isn't moving and as a matter of fact, I am up a pound this morning. I think I am retaining fluid due to my TOM is almost here, but still ... sigh.


People think I look like I'm losing weight. That's good.

My waist has actually gone down 1/2 an inch to a 36 1/2 now.

I'm exercising every day, so changes WILL come.

I wasn't sure what type of picture I needed to post -- but here is one I took last
night before we went out. I'm sorry this one is blurry. I must have been moving.

Upclose and personal. Sigh. That chest! I pray it shrinks someday (as well as my belly!). That is a minimizer bra too my friends. Scream!

My little family.

Changes will come! I know it. I appreciate the accountability to keep working out daily. Thanks Ladies.
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