Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday was a really busy day for me. It was my son's 10th birthday, and we had his adopted grandma and her friend from church over for lunch. I did really well making a healthy lunch, except for the cake. My son purposely picked carrot cake, "So you can eat it too mom, even on your Christmas Crunch." He seems to think that since it has a vegetable in it, it is totally OK to eat. Well, it was sweet of him anyway. I ended up eating a small piece of his cake, and less than a scoop of ice cream, but then my stomach started to hurt. And if that wasn't enough, when we went to our friend's house for dinner, and I ate another small piece of cake and another half scoop of ice cream. Due to all the activity, I didn't even exercise or write a crunch-in. So I decided that today would be better.

This morning when I got up, I realized it had snowed last night. It has been really cold lately (-10 F in the mornings), but this morning was a balmy +7 F. My dh has been working so hard lately, I decided to help him with the snow removal. I shoveled snow for 30 minutes. We were gone all day with a meeting for our final payment for our siding/roofing project. I am really thankful the Lord gave us an opportunity to share the gospel with the director there. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in his heart.

After our meeting we had to buy groceries, and then on to home to make dinner. As soon as I got the kids in bed, I did 10 minutes on my elliptical, and I am about to call it a day.

I have enjoyed reading everyone's progress. We are all making good improvements, and seeing some results. Keep it up everyone. Look at this as an investment into your future.

Here is a picture of some of our recent snow. For those of you missing the snow, enjoy. This picture was taken from my upstairs window at home.



Maribel said...

Beautiful picture. Happy birthday to your son. And I am so glad you got to witness to this man. Those are special times.
I have to bake for tomorrow (a witnessing opportunity at home), and Monday (it's my birthday on Monday). I too am going to make a carrot cake as well as other things. I know it has the same amount of calories as any other cake, but it sounds so much better! Much better than brownies, I suppose.
Did you count your snow plowing time? That is exercise!
Have a good day!

Sarah K said...

Oh! It's beautiful!

Dani Joy said...

Thanks, Tami for the snow picture!!

Great job on the shoveling! What a blessing I am sure it was for your hubby!

Praising the Lord for the opportunity to witness! God is so faithful!

I don´t know what I will do this weekend. We have a church dinner. I was going to make a bunch of pumpkin dishes. Maybe I can find a recipe I can eat.

Big Crunchin´hugs
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

I just got a yummy looking recipe for pumpkin stew from a friend yesterday. I will post it. Oh, I guess I should post a pic of my son on his birthday. Yes, I did count my snow shoveling time.