Friday, November 13, 2009

Crunch In -Karen

So, this morning I am still not down ---so, does period weight stay on for a few days?  I can't say I have ever weighed consistently during the week of my cycle to know...
I didn't have time to do my ex. routine this morning, so I did some exercising this afternoon while I watched a show...I used my circle to tone my thighs and my arms and I did 10 of Dani's crunch video and 5 of those push up things...don't remember what you called them, they are hard--even doing it with girlie push-ups!
My hubby is out of the country right now...and I tend to comfort eat while he is gone...any advice??  I miss him and so I justify food.  It's wrong, so anything work for any of you ladies who might do this too?
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