Friday, November 13, 2009

Look what I got..

I picked this up last night at walmart,
So I can now ,target those TROUBLE ZONES,,,
I have been doing just the walk,dvd.
or walking at the track,when its pretty out,
But thanks to you Ms Dani joy,you talked me into it,,,:o)
So I will start this today,
I may take a few days off ,I have not since we started,
the diet I'm doing says to every 12 days,but I may only take 1day /
We'll see !

I did not do the weigh in,I AM A SISSY,
Sure not brave as some of you,,
But I have lost 10pds,so far,
I feel great,..

Thank you all for all this support,
Maybe next week I will weigh in ??

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