Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday - Crunch in

Breakfast at our hotel was unbelievably full of bad choices, so I tried to get the best of the worst. For lunch we had 1 sandwich with water (we were out and didn´t want to go into a restaurant and get stuffed again). We had an early afternoon snack...of pastries...yes, and I had a one half of a decadent piece of chocolate something (it was velvety smooth and delicious). It was about as big as 2 Tablespoons, so I´ve made the decision to skip supper at a restaurant) and drink some tea and have some healthy cereal, so I don´t end up famished in a few hours. I was able to get 40 min. of brisk walking (worked up a sweat) and am climbing the steps (3rd floor) at the hotel. Truly do thank the Lord for these 2 weeks of crunching, because it has given me a new awareness of my food and exercise choices...this is progress.
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