Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday...... =D

That was my Facebook status too! I like Friday's even though they're always busy with work esq things when it's supposed to be my day off.

This morning I brunched with a friend / mentoree and the first thing she said was "Wow, you're looking smaller". At first I though she meant shorter cause I was wearing flats and she had heels on, but no, she meant slimmer :o))))))))))))))) Yeah!

This afternoon I had a couple of visits to make, one to a Kenyan household, and as I was later than planned I not only got cake but soup as well ( 5 o'Clock - time to eat). Kenyan hospitality means you have to feed your guest, it brings great shame not to, and as a guest you dishonour your host if you refuse the offered food. Thankfully, as I know Mary well she is not offended that I cut my cake in half and only ate one piece, but I tell you ladies, the soup nearly beat me. Pigs liver dumplings in spiced broth some kind of slimy noddle things in it. Yuck.

Exercise so far today has concised of running around like a headless chicken, but I don't think Dani will allow any points for that so now I'm going to get on my bike before I sit down to read through the study again for tomorrow mornings' breakfast bible study that I lead.

Night all, have a good one.

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