Friday, November 13, 2009

Tip for today - Win the War at the Grocery Store!

Sometime ago and I don´t remember who told me, this truth entered my brain and my heart. "The war on junk food and unhealthy anything happens at the grocery store...not in our kitchens at home."

So, arm yourself when you enter the grocery store(a weekly menu and a grocery list) and know that if there is only good, wholesome and healthy food tossed into your buggy, that same food will be in your kitchen! Yes, but what to do if you have kids at home? No them healthy food, and teach them at a young age to eat smart. If you bake a lot from scratch, you can also begin to change ingredients and recipes for healthier choices. Every small skirmish you win for your health, will make you stronger for the battle of putting good things in your body for the long run :)

You can´t change years of eating the wrong things overnight, so be patient with yourself, and begin to take baby steps. Have a plan and a purpose. Slowly present these new healthier foods to your family with prayer and a positive approach. Find healthy recipes that taste great, and watch their taste buds and yours begin to crave healthier foods. And remember, you CAN win the war at the grocery store.

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