Monday, November 30, 2009

Crunch in the 30th

Ok, if I´m not mistaken I have been doing the 30 shred for a week now (only 3 weeks to go), bc I started last Monday.
Today my 4 kids joined me. It´s getting better yes, but the second day I thought I wasn´t going to keep it up. And because I can´t walk very much, I only walked around 15 min today, I added more of Jillian´s dvds. I added chest and abs and upper body core.

Therefore Tami, I did get in 1 hour of exercise today :-) . But I think what kept me going today was that I had a coffee with caffeine and boy, did that kept me going. Maybe I should have a coffee with caffeine every day. NOT..... I will never sleep if I have caffeine on a daily basis.

Now, I don´t seem to be losing weight but I was very happy this morning when I put my uniform pants on and I had to go up on my belt one more hole. When I started using this uniform 2 months ago the pants were a little tight, but now I even need a belt and I keep crunching it. I hope I need to get new pants by next year. :-)

I hope you all had a good day.



Dani Joy said...

That´s the way, Ketty!!! It such a good feeling to know your tightening up that belt!! :O))

I did the shred in your honor tonight! (plus lack of time) jeje
I love level 3 except for the jumping lunges. those are killers.

Awesome job on doing more of the other dvds.. which one is it? the Metabolism boost or the trouble zones?

I am sooooo proud like a mama hen!

Cluckin and Crunchin
Dani Joy

Siberia said...

Great job, Ketty! Keep up the great work. I can't say I know what the shred is like, because I don't have the DVD, but there are times on my routines that I think I will die! Lately, it has been much better, but when we started the crunch, I had very sore muscles everywhere. I did pretty well, until I had to shovel all that snow last week, and then I stayed sore for several days. Ugh! I keep telling myself it is muscle building soreness.


Ketty said...

Thanks Tami.
What I think I have is a muscle strain in my calf because the pain is different from the other soreness I have in my belly or thighs etc :-)It´s a different kind of pain that I know is telling me not to push that muscle.

Dani, I did the trouble zones, bust, abs, upper body stuff you know, my main problem.

But I do what I can. :-)

Dani Joy said...

I am not the nurse, but I would def. be careful not to keep straining that calf. Maybe Tami knows some things you can do for it. And even Sarah F. Our two resident nurses. ;)

Great job on working those Trouble Zones! they will make a difference! After I started them, Sarah K. called me the increadible shrinking woman! LOL

Dani Joy