Monday, November 30, 2009

Ideas, Suggestions, and Some Crunchin´ Inspiration!

My Dear Crunching Ladies!

We are in the last leg of this Christmas Crunch Challenge. We need to step it up and really crunch into it! Let´s make it worth while.

You all are doing so great! Some need to get back into the swing and that´s ok. Don´t let a couple of days get you down. Pick right back up and keep on crunching! (I am talking to myself here too.)

I want you all to be thinking of some ideas and suggestions for the next Challenge. Yes, you heard me. Sarah F , and a few others want to keep on going after Christmas. I want to keep this blog open for all of us to keep in touch but the as for a challenge contest, I need ideas.

What worked this time for you? What would you like to see in the next challenge? What didn´t work for you? Would you participate more if there was more incentive?  Would you be willing to help in some way in the next challenge?

I already have things I would like to do a bit differently, but this way we can get some feed back. We may not use everything, but it sure will help.

Some ideas to be thinking about:

1. Printing out the recipes from our blog to put in a binder.

2. Printing out your Crunch Ins for your own personal Fitness Journey notebook.

3. Printing out any tips to add in there.

The reason - I may or may not need to delete and clean up this blog for the next challenge after Christmas. If we all start our own notebooks, then we have that as a reference for the next challenge and for our Life Time Fitness Journey!

Let´s really Crunch IT, Ladies! Let´s see some real change!

Drink that water,
Exercise at least 20 min. a day
No Sugar , white flour or processed junk!!

I am preaching to me too!
Crunching it with you,
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