Monday, November 9, 2009

Crunch in--Karen

I have been working for a week now, but no results yet...I'm eating less, exercising, drinking more water and still nothing.  Not giving up though.  I know it will happen!
So, I thought I had lost a pound, but today it was there again--same this weekend, so it was gone one day???
I need to readjust my ticker!


Siberia said...

Keep it up, Karen! Sometimes it takes our bodies a while to respond to what we are doing.

Dani Joy said...

No, Don´t readjust. Just when you get back to that weight and then start losing again then start adding points again. I gained back one of the pounds I lost in the beginning. Water weight has a lot to do with the fluctuation.

cut out more of what you eat at night. Less fluffy carbs. jeje

Big Crunchin´Hugs
Dani Joy