Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crunch in - Thursday

Tues. and Wed. were no exercise days, but although today is going to be another non-stop day, I was able to get up earlier and get my exercise done, which is my continual challenge :)
Have a good day. Joy


Cherry Blossom Blessing said...

Hey Joy, what do you do about water? meaning if you purchase what kind etc. Anita

Joy said...

I have a Brita filter, because I got tired of lugging the huge Agua de Solana up from the car. I hear they will bring it to your home in larger containers, but with the economic situation, I just don´t feel right about paying that much for water.
BTW, I´ve begun to use my rebounder again...which is something I hadn´t done in awhile. Hopefully that will be easier on my ankles :)Joy
P.S. I´m so thankful to the Lord that you are off the meds! and doing so well. What a great God we serve :)