Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crunch In - Tuesday

Good morning Ladies!

I finally dropped a pound. Hallelujah. Only 29 more to go.

I am only getting in 20 minutes of exercise today. My day is jam packed ... THEN I am heading out of town. We are going to the mountains where I will only have DIAL-UP (scream)! I hope I can post each day (I sure would hate to miss out on a point opportunity). If you don't hear from me, you'll know why.

Yesterday my SIL sent us some homemade cookies with white chocolate and cranberries inside. I ate three. They were tiny and were sitting in a bag next to me as I drove to get lunch at 1:30pm. I was starving and was totally set up for disaster. No excuse, but that is what happened.

I have increased my water intake in the past couple of days, but I'm still not where I should be. I'm getting there!

I pray God gives me strength to make wise choices today! (The picture is of my daughter and her class mascot.)

God bless you all!


Jill said...

Such a cute picture! It's really hard to be good when you're starving. Sometimes it helps to promise myself I won't eat it now, but I will eat it at *** and give myself a specific time. That helps me exercise discipline in putting it off. And then sometimes by the time I've reached my set moment, I don't want it anymore or I have the willpower to walk away.

Siberia said...

Your little girl is really cute! Keep up the good work. The pumpkins are beautiful.

Beth in NC said...

Thanks Ladies!

Dani Joy said...

Is that a bunny? I can´t exactly tell. ;)

OH be sure to take some good snacks with you up to the mountains.

Hope you keep on crunchin´and post an incredible amount of points when you get back.

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Yeah Beth! A pound is better than nothing. Hope you have a nice trip to the mountains.