Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dani Joy says we have Thanksgiving Day off...I am planning on 5 Thanksgiving dinners this year. We will enjoy one on Thursday with Spanish and American friends. This is our first Thanksgiving in our pueblo so for each dinner we are inviting a family from the church and an unsaved family with whom we have been working to a REAL AMERICAN DINNER...of course we are capitalizing on that issue but will also be stressing the blessing from the Lord etc. Lord willing we will be doing a dinner on Saturday 11-28, Tuesday 12-1, Saturday12-5, and Sunday12-6. We request your prayers. Exercise was easy today but food was on the fly. I have stocked up on the three "f's"...fish, fruit, and fresh vegetables. Amidst all the trimmings, I am praying to do well for my week of fiestas!


Ketty said...

Good grief, 5 thanksgiving meals, can anynody invite me to just one?? :-)


Joy said...

Good for you Anita, and may the Lord give you purpose in witnessing to all these contacts and help you to stay focused (the 3 F´s will surely help!). Happy Thanksgiving to you. Love, Joy

Dani Joy said...

Anita, this will be a great blessing. We have done this as well. We are just way too busy this year with the boys activities. So we will celebrate on Friday with the other missionary family in the near by city.

Hope every meal goes lovely, and I am so glad you have a plan. go light on the sugar and salt.

Happy Crunchin´Thanksgiving!
Dani Joy