Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dani Joy says we have Thanksgiving Day off...I am planning on 5 Thanksgiving dinners this year. We will enjoy one on Thursday with Spanish and American friends. This is our first Thanksgiving in our pueblo so for each dinner we are inviting a family from the church and an unsaved family with whom we have been working to a REAL AMERICAN DINNER...of course we are capitalizing on that issue but will also be stressing the blessing from the Lord etc. Lord willing we will be doing a dinner on Saturday 11-28, Tuesday 12-1, Saturday12-5, and Sunday12-6. We request your prayers. Exercise was easy today but food was on the fly. I have stocked up on the three "f's"...fish, fruit, and fresh vegetables. Amidst all the trimmings, I am praying to do well for my week of fiestas!
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