Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dani´s Video Special Crunch IN 13

I weighed in at 128.4 this am. Finally down to what I lost that first week of the Crunch. PTL! I will measure next week.

I went back to what I have been doing for 11 months. Eating carefully, no sugars but not cutting out so many calories. Eating what I know is good for me till I am full and eating light at supper.

Last week was a fiasco for me. My body started to store, because it thought we were starving. It will do that. So ladies, if you are gaining weight. This maybe one of the problems. Don´t cut back too fast on those calories. Just keep cutting out the bad sugar choices and empty carbs.

I hope you got a kick out of the Three Weeks Down Video.
Have a great Crunchin´Day!


Dani Joy said...

Thanks for Watching and Working out with me!

Love you,
Dani Joy

Beth in NC said...

Girl, I LOVE your video! You are in GREAT SHAPE! Nothing funny about it!

I just haven't conquered the squat yet, but you certainly have! And wow, your push-ups are stellar! I am jealous (well, in a good - Christ loving, Sista sort of way). :o)

You rock!

The Herd said...

You are AWESOME!! You have so much balance! Thanks for being so inspiring!

Sarah said...

Dani ~

I have to say that it was great hearing your voice! The video was a great idea!

I couldn't said it any better. Don't cut out too many calories because your body goes into starvation mode!

I wish I could be better about cutting out all sugar, but that one bite of brownie, and my flavored coffee creamer tripped me up!

I know I don't comment a lot on here, but I look at it as much as I can. You are doing something that is totally awesome for these ladies.... I just wish I could have joined you all!


Ketty said...

AAAHHHHHHH, you look so great girl. But I´m not sure now I want to look at those videos because I won´t be able to follow them for another year I think. :-)

Did you say you only do these exercises once a week? I hope so because they seem hard to me. But the day I can do them, I will post them here also.

Keep crunching ladies.


Sarah K said...

You are such a great encourager!

Loved your video! You look great! That squat does not look like fun, but you make it look easy! Way to go!

Dani Joy said...

Ketty, you can do it too. Start out easy. There are easy ways to do these work outs. All the ab holds on your knees till you work up the muscles. The ab muscles are the muscles that get in shape the fastest. the squats on level one of the shred are a lot less.

You do a little at a time. REmember I hav been doing these since Aug. Actually.. I started the Shred on level one Aug. 11. And then it was only doing what I could.

Sarah, I think the thing I like the least are the squats and lunges. but I do them for my hiney! LOL

You all are so dear to me!! You keep me crunchin´
Dani Joy