Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A little about Siberian shopping

Hi everyone, First off, I thought I would tell you a little bit about my shopping excursions, and why I am counting 20 minutes of exercise from shopping today. The majority of my grocery shopping is done outdoors year-round. I take along a large shopping bag to hold my purchases. I walk from vendor to vendor and fill up my bag with purchases. When my bag gets too heavy, or my hands are too full, we make a trip to the car to load the groceries in there, and head on back to shop some more. Today, we had to park quite a ways from the shopping area, and we walked around and shopped for about an hour. When we were done, I carried my bags, which were about 25 lb., back to our car, which was about a 10 minute walk. It was a little bit cold today too, about 10 F.

When we got home, I fed supper to my kids, we had church, and after the kids went to bed, I decided to exercise. I didn't really feel like doing an aerobic DVD routine, so I chose to do my elliptical. I had the TV on, watching an interesting program, and I promised myself that I would keep going until the show was finished. I also decided that I would try to do my entire routine at 7 level of resistance. When I was done, my honey took a picture of me. Here is what I was able to do for the first time EVER: I walked for an entire hour at the 7th level! (You can see that on the picture below. The 6159 is 61 minutes 43 seconds.) My distance was 16.59 kilometers. I think the longest I have ever worked before has been 50 minutes, and that was at 4 or 5. I have really increased my stamina.

I also know today is a weigh in/measure in. Well, this isn't the best week of the month for me to be seeing results, but here are the few changes. My weight stayed the same 55.5 kg. I'm not disappointed. I thought it might even increase a bit, but it didn't.

Next week I'll post full measurements, but this time, I will just list those that have changed since last week.

11/11 11/19
Chest 30.5 29.5
Hips 40 39.5

That is a loss of 1.5 inches. I'm pretty happy with that. I am going to try to post those 25 things about me, but it will have to be another day. It is just turning midnight, and I have been up since 5:30 AM. A meteor shower was passing through our area this morning, so I got up with my 10 year-old science-loving son to watch. I did see a couple, so that was nice, but I've felt a little tired all day. I am not a morning person!

Happy Crunching everyone! I'm looking forward to reading about everyone's progress tomorrow!

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