Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dani ´s Crunch 7- FREE DAY

Today, I had to have a free day, though. Oh, yes it was forced upon me. I went into today wanting to count my calories and exercise, but I was pampered and cooked for by one of our dear church bretheren. He must be the best cook in Spain!

He served us Squid with rice! I know that does not probably appeal to most, and I never thought the day would come when I would love this dish. He makes an incredible squid in it´s ink! Yes, it´s black! But oh how good!

Now this alone is not bad for you, but it´s all that came before and after. He just kept serving us. then we went back to his house for supper after the Christmas program practice. He then proceeded to feed us more. My goodness! Oh and, I didn´t even have to lift a finger! He did everything! Can you believe it??? I felt so lazy and so pampered! I even took a nap!!!

We didn´t get home till 10:30 pm. I really wanted to exercise, but felt like everything might come up if I did a Jillian workout. I chose to do Walk this Way by Leslie Sansone. I have done these early on in my fitness journey as well, and Mary and Nina are also doing them. She gets the heart rate up without being too rough on the body. This was a very nice 20 minute workout before bed.

Have a blessed Sunday!



Beth in NC said...

Oh Dani, you're right. This does not sound good to me (ha). That is one way I'd lose weight -- put squid in front of me each day. hee hee

I'm glad you were pampered and had a wonderful evening! I can't believe you worked out after all of that. Wow!

Bless you today!

Dani Joy said...

Yeah, I totally have adapted. jeje

Big Crunch,
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

Beth, I know it looks disgusting but it´s SOOOOO good. :-)
This week I made squid for me but just fried squid with red and green peppers and onion. Delicious.

have a good day

Nina in Portugal said...

Oh...Dani Joy....I'm sorry...but that looks terrible!

Maybe after a few more years on the field, I'll be as brave as you!!

Siberia said...

I haven't had squid in ink (what does it taste like?), but I have had squid stuffed with mushrooms. I really liked that. We have had the opportunity to try many things here, some I have liked and some I haven't. I tried moose lips, tongue and nose. Those weren't my favorite, but I loved the moose roast our neighbor gave to us.


Dani Joy said...

Ladies, I couldn´t ever get past the smell of the stuff.. but let me tell you Amos makes the best I have ever smelled.

It is normally very fishy smelling, and I don´t like to eat anything that tastes like the Sea smells. (the fishy part that is) But well, I have grown to love this dish. Amos makes it so it isn´t fishy at all and even has a alittle spicey flavor to it.

the chorizo, bread and blue cheese spread before and after were what got me though. ;)

Praise the Lord for free days!

Dani Joy