Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I don't know?!?!?

Hello Ladies.

I am really falling behind in the points. I've been too busy to "post" and I haven't had time to exercise. To top this off, I don't know how to record my weight loss because I gained weight when I started this challenge (I guess muscle). I went up to 205.8 ... now I'm down to 201. I think I've already counted 3 pounds down ... so today I will count 2? Mercy.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy this funny youtube I created.

With this being such a busy week and THREE, yes I counted correctly - THREE Thanksgiving meals -- I shudder to think about what could happen. :-(

If you don't hear from me before Thursday -- HAVE A WONDERFUL, BLESSED THANKSGIVING!



Dani Joy said...

Too funny girl! I am a nervous wreck now. jajaja! I wish I could get ready that fast. ;) Actually I was watching to see how you did your eye makeup and that flat iron thingy! I need to get me one of those.

Keep on with the goal in mind even if you can´t post so much. Keep up on the exercise girl, you can do it! that´s what makes the difference. i know you know that though.

How are you going to manage 3 Thanksgiving dinners??? I am gaining weight just thinking about them... no bread! very very light on the sugary deserts.. lots of coslaw and veggies. :) that´s my suggestion.

The Big Crunch,
Dani Joy

Ketty said...

You are funny lady!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving. But did you know we donñ´t have that holiday here in Spain??? Some Americans I know do celebrate it. I haven´t thought about it yet but we might do something, we´ll see.


The Herd said...

That was great...how you made that, I would like to know!

Beth in NC said...

Thanks Ladies. I will try to make wise choices with the 3 meals. I'm not happy about having to attend 3 (though I should be blessed to have FOOD). God forgive me.

Ketty, I'm sure you're thankful each day. No need to find an excuse to eat a bunch of yummy, fattening foods. Yikes.

I made my video with a Movie Maker program that came on my lap top. :o)

Blessings & Happy Thanksgiving. And Dani -- I guess I need to add some points since weight loss counts as double this week.