Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crunch In --Karen B

I did some ab work this morning.  I am looking into getting a hula hoop---any one ever use one for exercising?
I am going to up my cardio tomorrow... and go for 40 minutes--well, that's the plan.
Still holding at the new weight--I'm expecting it to drop, but it doesn't???  Did something change in my body all of a sudden...?  Probably not, but it does make me wonder how I jumped up and have stayed that way.
My waist is decreasing...slowly but surely(down 3/4 inch).  And I have been measuring my hips incorrectly, so I am changing the start number now, and will see if anything changes from today.

I have been drinking my water and cutting sweets back and tracking how many fruits/veggies I eat a day---sadly low---but getting better!
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