Monday, November 23, 2009

Psycho Ward for Dani! - Crunch IN 17

I am laughing now! Resigned to just smile and wave.

Yesterday, I was told,

- I am losing too much weight and that I need to go to a Christian psychiatrist. (by older brother in the church)

- My face is sunken in. ( by older sister in the church)

- and That I have NO BOOBS! ( by same older sister in the church)

I tell you, the frankness is almost comical.

I had set new goals for this Christmas Crunch, even though in the first week, I reached my original goal of 128 lbs. If more comes off on it´s own fine, but I am not stopping my exercise nor adding sugar back into my diet no how.

What really get´s me is that I haven´t lost any more weight really and people are just now saying these things.

 My skinny bubble has burst!

This is a good thing, really. This will keep me humble and from getting vain.

My tip for the day:  Just smile and wave, girls, just smile and wave! 



Dani Joy said...

I scared myself!! hahaha!!!

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Funny picture!!!

Don't worry about it. If you know that your priorities are right, let it go in one ear and out the other. If you are your best for the Lord inside and out --that is what matters!
I am dealing with a similar situation... not about weight, but with a family that left the church. Very discouraging, however I've been teaching the children about Moses. Every time the children of Israel complained and murmured, he just fell on His face before God believing that God was able to handle the situation. I've been thinking about this alot... and know that God can do that. He is the same God. Anyways, hope this encourages you as it has me:
Well, hope you enjoyed this message:) ha ha

The Herd said...

You crack me up!!! I found when I had lost weight(before) haha---it took people a good couple of months to notice!! Just about the time, my weight had leveled off.
Keep it up!

Joy said...

Well, I have found that many of my church ladies are more than happy to comment (and very honestly) about my weight and figure size, or even about one of my outfits. I rarely say something to one of them, unless I´ve confirmed it by previous discreet questions and always try and make it something positive. My unsaved neighbors (the ones I know best) are the worst at this. Now that I´ve lost volume, I keep hearing "you´ve gotten fatter". I always come back with "no, the scale says I weight exactly the same...or less", so I´ll blame it on the clothes and then remind them about how wonderful I´m feeling. Call it "tact" or just plain old "consideration" but somehow in some people it is just missing.

I´m with Kristy, just smile and go on. What really matters is what God and your husband think!!!:)Once you have that firmly in your heart and mind, let the comments flow. The hurtful words only have the power that you give them. Hang in are not alone :) love, Joy

Ketty said...

LOL LOL, you look funny in that picture. And yes, don´t worry, people in Spain think they nahve to be "honest" and tell you eveything they think. Don´t pay any attention, either they are jelous they way they look or they just have any commom sense about what to tell or not to people.
I´ve had people telling me I look horrible when I get my hair straighten up at the beautician, AND IT LOOKS GREAT!
Anyway, keep doing what you think is right and resting on the Lord.

un abrazo

Siberia said...

That picture is hilarious! There is a grandma at church that is always letting me know her evaluations of me. She used to tell me all the time she thought I was too thin, and must be sick with something. Then after last furlough she told me right away that she could tell I had gained weight. She hasn't said anything lately...but, I better be prepared. I think you look great.


KathyH said...

And I thought it was only the Germany who were so brutally "honest" (aka critical)!!!

I think so much of it is jealousy or guilt about not doing anything themselves.

By the end of this maybe we'll need the psycho ward with those self-hugging jackets and nice soft walls........ hmmm!?! maybe they'll give us a group discount. LOL

Dani Joy said...

Totally, Ladies! You all are so great!

My new out look is exactly that... just let it all roll off. ;) I am happy , hubby is happy, I am right with God! that´s what matters!
oh and I love you all!! ;)

Kristy, I love that comparison to Moses´ life. I needed that rememinder.

Hahaha Kathy! We won´t need a psych ward, we have each other!! LOL

I was thinking about how I could make this post lighter and let you all know I am letting these comments run off and to keep on being fit and my best for Jesus. Thus the crazy picture! I am in my PJs too! all for you!

The Big Crunch,
Dani Joy

Sarah said...

Hilarious Picture!

Just this past Sunday I was told that my face looked too thin! My husband looked at me and gave me his "smirk" because I told him about the conversation with you.

And when I went to visit my family in Dallas last month, my little brother told me that I've lost all my boobs! I have to agree with him on this one I went from a DD to a small C. And I bought a push up bra for the first time in my life (Actually... I bought three!)