Monday, November 23, 2009

Psycho Ward for Dani! - Crunch IN 17

I am laughing now! Resigned to just smile and wave.

Yesterday, I was told,

- I am losing too much weight and that I need to go to a Christian psychiatrist. (by older brother in the church)

- My face is sunken in. ( by older sister in the church)

- and That I have NO BOOBS! ( by same older sister in the church)

I tell you, the frankness is almost comical.

I had set new goals for this Christmas Crunch, even though in the first week, I reached my original goal of 128 lbs. If more comes off on it´s own fine, but I am not stopping my exercise nor adding sugar back into my diet no how.

What really get´s me is that I haven´t lost any more weight really and people are just now saying these things.

 My skinny bubble has burst!

This is a good thing, really. This will keep me humble and from getting vain.

My tip for the day:  Just smile and wave, girls, just smile and wave! 

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