Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I was able to double jump and get 3 loads of laundry done. Not always an easy task when just a few short years ago my previous health issues hindered me from doing stairs. I now have a four level townhouse with my washing machine in the basement. Since I have been crrrruuuunchhing for three weeks and have lost 6 stubborn pounds, the stairs are no longer maneuvered one-by-one in 'toddler' fashion. PTL I can now conquer the stairs in a very brisk and more powerful rhythm! thanks, Anita


Dani Joy said...

Wow! Praise the Lord, Anita!

I am soo soo excited for you! 6 pounds is a great accomplishment! keep at it and pretty soon you maybe rebounding up and down those stairs. ;)

Great Crunchin!
Dani Joy

Sarah K said...

Great job!
Congratulations on the 6 lost pounds (may they never return) and the ease of stairs (may they get easier and easier)!

Ketty said...

That´s great Anita.
Keep up the good work and keep crunching.


Joy said...

This is truly good news. I can just see you taking the steps 2 at a, just kidding. But I know what a victory and how good it must make you feel to know that you can climb the steps more gingerly! love, Joy