Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nov 18 Crunch In / Measurement

Well, ...laziness returns. =) It is so chilly right now that any "free" time I might have I want to spend cuddled up with a child in a blanket reading a book or watching a movie. Who wants to move? =)
BUT I weighed in today... =( not too much change. That means get back to work. I have been doing okay with the food - not too bad (which is probably what saved me from gaining this week).
Weight -.8
Bust +.25
Chest -.5
Waist +.25
Hips +.25
Arms -.5
Thighs -.5
Total -.75
After last weeks great news a little disappointing but not surprising considering the amount of energy I stored. =)
Back to work. I gave myself a stern talking to this morning and we're back at it. =)
Instead of a good book and a blanket - exercise video! and keep counting calories! (My plan)

Oh! One super great thing - last week I moved all the furniture out of my front room (except the piano) and vacuumed the drapes and blinds, cleaned the windows and then shampooed the carpets. I fully expected to be unable to move the next morning with a super sore back. No pain! No different than any other morning getting out of bed! Hallelujah! I was SO happy! That is probably why I haven't given up my morning stretching/strength training. Now I just have to get back to the evening one! and the yogalates!

Have a great week! Thanks for the encouraging comments on my posts! You gals are terrific!
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