Wednesday, November 18, 2009

25 things and Crunch In

Well, here are 25 random things about me:

1. I hate to sweat.
2. That has led to an overaccumulation of fat on my body, mainly attached to my backside.
3. I've decided that it is better to sweat for a little each day, than to be fat all day.
4. I'm an RN, and worked for 2 years in a Coronary Care Unit, so I know the value of exercise, but
5. I thought staying thin was enough without working out.
6. Recently I have been putting more thought into exercising for my health, because I want to be around for my family for a long time.
7. I love classical and conservative Christian music.
8. I love to play the piano. I used to play for hours on end. Not so much time for that anymore.
9. I love to read. About the only time I read now for enjoyment is about 10 minutes at night, before I fall asleep.
10. When I was a child, I was always the smallest and slowest, and got chosen last for teams.
11. Because I was not very good at sports, I decided to find something I could be good at.
12. For me that was school. I worked very hard and achieved quite a bit academically.
13. In high school, I got involved in sports - volleyball, cheerleading, and cross country.
14. We moved before my senior year of high school, and I had to give up the sports.
15. At my new school, I got to play handbells, and loved it.
16. I met my husband in October of my freshman year of college.
17. My parents weren't thrilled at first because 1) he was 25 and I was 18, 2) he was in the Marines and not a student at my Christian college.
18. I was called to missions at a Christian camp when I was 13.
19. My labor and delivery of my last child lasted 94 minutes from start to finish. We made it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare.
20. The baby was 9 lb. 3 oz.
21. I felt I could accomplish anything after experiencing a natural childbirth.
22. I have lived in Russia for 1/4 of my life now (9 years).
23. I love to garden, and that has helped me adjust to daily exercise.
24. I love dogs, but am allergic to cats. I have 2 dogs, one is a laika, the breed that huskies were developed from.
25. I love being part of the CCC, and getting to know all of you. Thanks for your encouragement.

Here is what I have done today. I did my Full Circuit video for 50 minutes. I used my elliptical for 10 minutes at 8. I'm giving it my best shot each day. As my kids exercise with me, I try to be even more vigorous than they are. My son is very encouraging of my efforts. Recently he said, "Mom, you are getting skinnier by the millisecond." How sweet, even if it isn't all true.

Keep up the great crunching work everyone.

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