Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crunch In & Sick Day

Exercising is the only good thing I have going for me in this challenge and I am sick. I tried to get some exercise in tonight, but pooped out very quickly. I just feel lousy, so I'm taking it easy. When I feel better I'll be back at double speed.

I do have GOOD news though. My exercise is paying off and the thigh toning video is working. I'm getting it back from the library tomorrow! I measured twice to be sure this was all right and I was very pleased.

Waist 32 1/2 down to 31
Hips 42 down to 41
Rt. Thigh 25 down to 24
Lft. Thigh 24 1/2 down to 23
Rt. Arm 12 1/2 down to 12
Lft. Arm 12 down to 11 1/2


Yes, I'm happy. Makes me want to move twice as much. We won't talk about my weight. I don't know how I can lose so many inches without losing weight, but it happened. Ok, I'm off to bed.
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