Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today´s crunch

Ok, this is why I look like today. Byt this shirt hides pretty well my "spare tire" which is my main problem. I have no problem with legs or arms, but the trunk of my body is where all my excess of fat goes. My goal is to lose fat there. I can hardly believe I would be able to lose it but I hope I do.

We moved here 5 weeks ago and my mother and one of my best friends came here to spend 2 weeks with us. I´m very exited about that.

So we went to Sevilla to pick them up at the airport, 1 hour away. I did get to walk in IKEA, and then I did my exercise at the park with my friend this evening. ( 1 hour total today) I noticed I can do way more that when I started 2 weeks ago. And my friend is going to join me every day with the exercise. That will also encourage me to keep going, for 2 more weeks at least.

Have a good night.


Dani Joy said...

Girl, yes that shirt makes you look good! I have always thought you looked so good! ;) But I know you want to be your best so that´s why we are crunchin! YOu can do it.

Wait till you start Jillian´s work outs. Start out light and work up. you will be amazed. she works the core alot. (your trunk) She loves those workouts best and they really do the trick.

The vidoes are on their way. They should be there tomorrow.(FRiday)

I still feel so weird after adding that extra liter of water yesterday. Now I am wondering if I don´t have a flu or something. Who knows. Couldn´t exercise today. :(

So glad your Mom is in town! How blessed! hope you have a lovely time. and What a great boost of encouragement that your friend will work out with you.

Keep eating good and crunchin!
Dani Joy

Shane and Kristy Davis said...

Aww.. have fun with your mom.

I think you look great!

Ketty said...

It´s kind of funny Kristy, but eveytime I see my pictures I look horrible and I can see how big I am. Then now, I take pics for you all to see it and they don´t really show what I really have.

Seriously, those pics make me look smaller but I am not. I´ll try to see if I can take more in a t-shirt or soemething so you can see what I "carry" around my waist. :-)


KathyH said...

You look good girl!! but by the end of this we'll all be looking better. I got a compliment today that I was looking slimmer. I grinned so wide I nearly split me face in half. LOL


Ketty said...

LOL, LOL, LOL, Kathy