Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today´s crunch

Ok, this is why I look like today. Byt this shirt hides pretty well my "spare tire" which is my main problem. I have no problem with legs or arms, but the trunk of my body is where all my excess of fat goes. My goal is to lose fat there. I can hardly believe I would be able to lose it but I hope I do.

We moved here 5 weeks ago and my mother and one of my best friends came here to spend 2 weeks with us. I´m very exited about that.

So we went to Sevilla to pick them up at the airport, 1 hour away. I did get to walk in IKEA, and then I did my exercise at the park with my friend this evening. ( 1 hour total today) I noticed I can do way more that when I started 2 weeks ago. And my friend is going to join me every day with the exercise. That will also encourage me to keep going, for 2 more weeks at least.

Have a good night.
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