Thursday, November 12, 2009

Air-crunch Your ABs!

11-11 Crunch for Anita: We made it to Madrid and I was even able to fit my rebounder into the back of the car. Plan 'A' was to jump and get extra points for the evening. Instead, I found a way to compete with Dani Joy for those ABs for which she is striving. We took the air mattress for our bed and arrived in time to use the vacuum cleaner to pump it up. WRONG! Ours didn't have a reverse switch so we were forced to blow it up breath by breath. My cyclist husband got the idea to ask a neighbor for his bike pump. This moved us from a 6-hour project to about an hour project. Ever tried to use a bike pump? Today I could NOT take a deep breath! Sit down on a chair. Take hold of the handles, and raise your arms above your shoulders. You then have to give a heave on the handles all the way to your toes. Up and down for almost an hour! It didn't help that we kept getting the giggles! Doing well on food even though we are eating out. Thanks Anita
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