Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WK3 Ketty

Not a big change this week for me. I think from now on it will be much harder for me to lose weight, I don´t know why, but I´ll keep crunching to be in a better shape (and mood). The worst of it is that I´m smaller in those places that I don´t need to be smaller, arms and thigs, but the rest is the same. And my weight is up but I think the reason is because my time on the month is coming soon, I never remember when, or because of the pizza I had on Sunday.

Bust 40.5 in. same
Chest 34 in. same
Waist 35.4 in. same
Hips 39.5 in. same
R thigh 21.5 in 21 in.
L thigh 21.5 in. 21 in
R arm 12 in. 11.5 in
L arm 11.5 in. 11 in

Weight 147.5 lbs. UP to 149.5

Have a great day


Dani Joy said...

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and as you tone up that fat is turning to muscle. Lord willing. :)

Great Crunchin! I am so proud of you!! you can´t stop now. and you will lose if you keep on.

you need to sweat it though and push a little more to shed some more pounds. ;) Go ahead and try Jillian´s dvd.. I dare you to start the 30 day shred and do it 30 days straight. It will change your body. jeje Hows that for pushy. (but remember to start out on level one and slow)

Crunchin with ya
Dani Joy

Ketty said...


I think you want to kill me, jejeje. I thought you were talking about doing them only once a week.

Buffff, I really need to get used to the idea then. :-)


Sarah K said...

Your body is reshaping itself from the inside out. As long as you continue to exercise good things will happen. You can do it!

Dani Joy said...

Buff girl! I know! I was very sore at first. But I started out on Level one of the Shred like "a tope". It´s only 20 min a day .. and then I started adding walk time with that after the first week.

You can do it! only use 1/2 kilo wieghts or 1 kilo weights. Mine were too heavy at first.

There is a 2 min warm up. The cardio is only three min per circuit. that´s only 9 min of cardio and then 2 min per circuit of strength (total 6 min) 1 min each of abs 3 min. a total of 20 min. Plus 5 min stretching cool down. It´s really great and affective. push.. if you can do it 2-3 times a week to start that will get ya going. But really to see change this is designed for everyday. I did it 30 days striaght and increased a level every 1 1/2 week. skipped maybe one or two days for a Sunday or two.

Let me know when you start and I will be here for you! I just did level 2 last night and I was still sore from the night before. :o

Big hugs
Dani Joy