Monday, November 2, 2009

Anita 11-2 Crunch IN - Rebounder Video

I have had a great day in the Lord and a great day on my Christmas Challenge program. I have doubled my water in-take and my exercise program is in full swing or should I say full bounce? I am rebounding a 10-minute wake up health bounce with a 20-minute aerobic plan after supper. Sleeping better! I am TRYING (looks like I did it! I am learning so much on this blog!!) to add a rebounder video so you can see how versatile it is. Most all floor aerobic plans can be done on the rebounder without any harsh impact effects/affects. I have been jumping to the classics this week. Thanks Anita 11-2

Rebound for the health of it.


Mary said...

Hi Anita! Thanks for leaving me your name! I'm going to check out the video on the rebounder...I've heard good things about them, and I need something that won't hurt my back or knees, so it might be perfect for me! Glad you've got a good program working...they all work if we work them, but its nice to get the one that works best for our individual needs. I agree, this blog is great!
Crunchin' with ya!

Mary said...

I just watched the video...whooooaaaa...that looks fantastic! I'm getting one!

Dani Joy said...

Anita, I hope you don´t mind. I went ahead and added your video directly into your post, and changed your labels and title a little.. this will help us find it better.

You are doing a great job!! I love the Video!! Such a great asset! I wish I had a rebounder now. ;)

do you need help updating your ticker? please let me know.

Big Crunch
Dani Joy

Karen said...

Anita, That is a CRAZY workout girl! And a hard one! I think though if I tried I would die laughing and FALL off the trampoline! Any excuse to laugh and have fun w/friends!

Dani Joy said...

Me too Karen! I would laugh and have a blast!